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Radha Alovera Gel


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  • 0 % WATER – RADHA ALOVERA GEL IS 100% PURE , and wont allow a single drop of water. This makes us a way better than others.
  • 100% Aloe – vera Pulp based – RADHA ALOE VERA GEL is made up of 100% Pure aloe vera pulp that is hand picked from field which has been given an utmost care and grown under proper guidence and with enough amount of water.
  • LONG LASTING – IT is water free and hence is long lasting , keeps you fresh round the clock.
  • Multipurpose – Can be used for moisturizing, skin related problems and for hair care.
  • All SEASON PRODUCT/USAGE – Radha Alovera gel can be used in all 52 weeks/ 365 days. It has different advantages in different seasons.

How to use?

  • Regular application – Apply Aloe Vera gel on your face at night and massage it well. In the morning as soon as you wake up just wash your face with normal water and you would definitely feel the difference.
  • POST SHAVING AND WAXING Application – Apply after shaving and waxing for calming effect.
  • For Sunburns – Just add Aloe Vera gel in the ice-cube tray and let it freeze. After some time just gently pull those aloe vera cubes out and apply it on affected areas. Slowly you will see that affected areas are repaired gently and this will also cool down the sunburn effect.


  • Multiaction – It is beneficial for all skin and hair types.
  • Say goodbye to skin problems – It Helps in many old skin related problems such as pimples, dark spots, acne etc.
  • Beneficial in insect bites.
  • Prevents theprocess of ageing -Fine lines and wrinkles are what no one wants on their skin,We know that we cannot stop the process but with this effective skin care regime, we can surely delay it.
  • Keep sunburns away – If you are looking for a remedy to repel the sunburn that you had in summers, then Aloe Vera gel can help you in this section as well.
  • Fill up the open pores – Open pores make you look truly pale and can cause your skin to feel undesirable. Aloe Vera Gel can assist your skin with resolving this issue.
  • Maintains the PH balance of your scalp – Pollution affects your skin and hair in many ways. When your scalp’s Ph balanced is disturbed, it leads to many hair problems. So, help your scalp maintain that Ph Balance by applying Radha aloe-vera Gel and flaunt your healthy hair everywhere.
  • Your Makeup removal – Many girls dont know it but Radha aloevera gel can remove makeup without any hazzles and chemicals. Just take cotton , add some gel to it and remove all those makeup that can ruin your next day.
  • Remove all that tired looks – Going to a party with that all-day tiredness is just not fair. So, remove all that tiredness and feel fresh by adding aloe vera beauty regime to your daily plan


  • Some Home Remedies that Can Help You to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Using Radha Aloe-Vera Gel.

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